Saturday, May 18, 2013

5/18/2013 Half Way There

"Believe you can and you are half way there." -Theodore Roosevelt

Jamie Hagiya of Torrance FitLab

CrossFit So Cal Regionals at Del Mar, California

This weekend we are headed to the CrossFit SoCal Regionals competition in Del Mar, California.  A remarkable show of skill, talent and a year (in some cases a lifetime) of hardwork, the SoCal Regionals are an exiting thing to see.  For Garrett and I, it is an opportunity to fully participate in the community aspect of this sport of fitness that we love so much.  With individuals (like Jamie Hagiya, Jeff Eckmann, and Reid Worthington) as well as teams representing from local boxes like Citizen CrossFit, Paradiso CrossFit, CrossFit Anacapa and many more, we are beyond excited to cheer on our friends, acquaintances and every last competitor.  For me personally, Kristan Clever is always worth a watch.  While Garrett has his eye on Josh Bridges in anticipation of a big comeback.  For us, this is a major part of what it is all about.

We have plans to meet a few of you down there.  If you are still trying to decide if you'll make the trek, do it!  It's an amazingly inspirational CrossFit weekend and a great way to make new friends.

Fight On!

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