Saturday, October 26, 2013


Welcome to CrossFit Zen, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Benefit Organization dedicated to providing fitness programming for students who would not otherwise have access.  CrossFit Zen is run solely on volunteer hours by both volunteer and guest trainers.  CrossFit Zen could not do what it does without this hands on support.  And, we appreciate every single volunteer!  If you too are interested in volunteering with CrossFit Zen, please contact Dione Oliver directly via

While our primary focus on is those students who participate in our seminars offered at Da Vinci Science High School, we do work with other groups and look forward to those opportunities.  If you have students that need our help, please contact us directly for more information.  

Unable to volunteer?  Donate to CrossFit Zen's fundraising efforts for fitness equipment for our kids classes.  Use our PayPal link here.  We thank you for your contribution and so do the young people we serve.  

At CrossFit Zen, The Journey is The Reward.

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CF Kids Trainer / CF-L1 Trainer / Director
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